The strangers’ wedding…

20151002_183148I am on respite at the beach. Too many months of heavy business details, legal jargon, convoluted communication through third parties, and a chattering monkey mind prompted me to ask a friend for the use of her ocean condo for a two-day getaway. The first night, I slept solid and uninterrupted for 9-1/2 hours. A sure sign that my body – and my psyche – needed a break.

As I sit on the balcony this second evening, reading and enjoying the warmth of an early autumn sun, I look out over the long ocean view. It reminds me of another beautiful scene on the other side of this ocean, a vision from the Hapuna Prince, which sits on a long strand of pristine beach on the Big Island. In both places, soothing sounds and spectacular scenery calm my soul.

Soon I hear music from the point on the bluff: Iz singing his unique version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and again I am reminded of Hawaii. Then I realize that a wedding procession is beginning in step with this song, and I stop to watch and listen.

What is it about a wedding that calls us to feel like we are part of the process and proceedings? What draws us to feel akin to these two humans that have chosen to start a new life together? The promise of creating family, sharing at a deep level, faith, trust, joyous expectations, acceptance, pure love…

Now it is quiet; their vows are being spoken in soft tones. After a few minutes, applause offers congratulations, and the newlyweds parade to the reception area accompanied by a tune that makes me want to get up and dance: “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth… Because I’m happy…Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

I remain a silent observer from afar as hugs are exchanged, kisses are bestowed, and laughter is expressed. The small group enjoys food and drinks, each others’ company, and more uplifting music befitting this blissful celebration. The evening continues, with Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston singing “It Takes Two,” and Van Morrison voicing “Bright Side of the Road.” I begin to think I selected this playlist myself… and perhaps on some level I did.

This unknown couple has given themselves an infinite new beginning, and they have given me a welcome dose of hope and inspiration.

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