“I had only a surface understanding about face reading when I had a session with Kay and until that time, had no real appreciation for its accuracy and its capacity to reflect back to me those characteristics and traits which I recognized on some level but hadn’t examined.   I certainly did not have a context for understanding how these traits played into or off of one another and had no idea how to recognize them and work with them.  As a result of our work together and Kay’s understanding and capacity for real-life application, I  now have a gift of insight that I can partner with in all areas of my life.

Another thing about Kay is her capacity to listen…I mean really, really listen.  I felt heard, supported and cared for and that is an experience that is rich and satisfying in itself.  Kay is top of my list as a resource to turn to when I get stuck and can’t figure out what ‘s next.  I value her capacity to help me see those things in me which I can’t see myself and to support me in moving forward.”

-        CC, Colorado

“Kay offers a really unique and refreshing approach in her work as a coach. She blends her life coaching training with ancient Chinese wisdom techniques involving face-reading among other things. In a coaching session we did together around a relationship challenge I has having, she was able to explain how my birthdate energy and facial messages validated that my nature thrives on connection and collaboration, while my partner had a strong energy of independence and solitude — which was causing us some strife and miscommunication. When Kay shared her insights it made more sense! She’s a wonderful listener, has a very easy manner, and definitely thinks outside the box in a way that provides more freedom and expansiveness to her clients. If you’re seeking to grow, Kay is terrific to work with.”

-        KR, California

“I find myself listening deeply to the wisdom Kay has acquired as a life coach. The simple practice she taught me, “it’s it, or it’s not it” has proven useful for me time and again. So simple, but so clear.”

-        LH, Washington

“I had the privilege of being the recipient of a Face Reading by Kay Magenheim recently. When it ended I felt seen at a deep level, appreciated, and expanded by what Kay shared. Kay’s description of how the five elements were reflected in my face so resonated with me. I was fascinated by her explanations of the changes in our faces over time and how they correspond to what is happening in our life. Kay is very gifted and skilled at her craft. She is a font of knowledge and creates a very safe, affirming and supportive environment. She left me with several suggestions to help balance some disharmonies. I wholeheartedly recommend Kay if you are interested in learning more about who you are and why. Plan to take notes. Kay offers much wisdom that you will want to remember and return to. Thank you, Kay, for your supportive and nurturing wisdom.”

-        CM, Oregon

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