Four years ago Sieg and I began to look at options for selling our ag irrigation business. Three and one-half years ago we engaged a brokerage firm to set that in motion. Eight months ago we began serious discussion with the perfect buyer. Four months ago we entered due diligence… and I must say it was quite diligent! And as of yesterday, we officially released that business into new hands. It’s been a long journey, and there are still logistical matters to finish up, but we have emerged from the tunnel into the light. We are so happy to be moving forward into a new life of freedom, with time to do what we want, when we want.

During these last months, while I was spending countless hours preparing financial reports, in conference calls with accountants, attorneys, and agents, and being scrutinized from head to toe, I visualized my grandchildren and the wonderful sense of pure love and joy that they give me to provide some moments of relief. A few weeks ago I discovered a passage from A Course in Miracles that is featured in Robert Holden’s book Holy Shift!, and I made it my mantra: “Love is one…it never alters with a person or a circumstance.”

Even though I have professed for years to believe that we are all one on a spiritual level, the first day I read that passage in the midst of due diligence angst, I realized that I had not been living it during these times of stress. So, when my human self was buckling from the weight of demands and interrogation, and I felt animosity towards “their” Chicago counsel or “their” junior financial analyst, I began to picture all those people on “the other side” in the same way as my grandchildren. I saw them as glowing, pure light beings, on their right paths, moving through their journeys in this world as we all do.

And it helped, even though I definitely still had moments of frustration with the process of the sale. Once Sieg and I joked that just because we love everyone equally and see us all as one, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to like their behavior! But then again, each time I returned to the message that love “never alters with a person or a circumstance,” I would be more at peace.

Amidst all the intense inq20151029_204134(0)uiry, legal maneuvering, dialoguing between attorneys in Chicago and San Francisco, and working with investment bankers from who knows where, we often found ourselves negotiating with ourselves about what is truly important for our happiness. In the end, the deal was consummated when we sat down at the kitchen table to sign the documents with only each other as witnesses.

So what’s next? This morning I picked up Holy Shift! again, turning to a new page for this new stage of my life. The passage I “randomly” selected starts: “Today we practice letting freedom come to make its home with you…”


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