My week at the cabin… perfection

Today I head for home. Before I went to sleep at 11:30 last night, I set a mental intention to sleep in late and awake at 8:00. When I open my eyes this morning, I lie there for a few minutes. Then I roll out of bed, grab my neck pillow and eye pillow, and place them in my bag on my way to the bathroom. As I pass the clock on the kitchen stove (the only clock we have in the whole place), I see that it reads 8:06. I did wake up at 8:00! The mind is capable of such precision.

P1000313I sit up on the bed to reflect for a while before I pack up and get on the road. I love the vista from this spot. There is a great long view out the window towards the peaks of the Minarets. It invites me to expand my vision. On the wall is a painting of a beautiful scene on the private cove of an ideal lake. I had the painting commissioned by an artist on Etsy, and it contains several specific details I gave her that are part of what I envision for our perfect spot. It depicts an open window overlooking a crystal clear lake, with the cabin set relatively near the water. There are no other houses anywhere to be seen, and there is a canoe waiting on a small glistening beach next to the shimmering water. Two small figures representing my husband and me stand near the shore. The artist was able to capture our posture, stature, and clothing style from a photo I sent. In the painting, the lake is mostly full. No drought in my dream.

I also appreciate the beauty and order I feel in this room. Even though it is tiny in size, it feels mighty in character. When we bought this place, the bedroom walls and ceiling were covered with a myriad of plywood, paneling, and pressed board. There was no insulation. The windows were ancient single glazed. The floors were covered by multiple layers of dirt-laden carpet. A bare light bulb dangled from the center of the ceiling. With much thought, selection, and process, everything has been transformed. When I am in this room, I feel at home in my little castle in my own special kingdom.

As I straighten the bed, I make a note to shop for a foam topper. I feel like the “princess and the pea” heroine who is super aware of her sleeping surface. This mattress is too firm for me, and I have already added a fluffy comforter on top of it and also an overstuffed mattress pad. But it still isn’t plush enough to suit my delicate sensitivities.

I unload the dishwasher, arranging everything neatly in proper rows and stacks in the cupboards. All the trash and recycling is loaded into the car to be disposed of properly at home. I take one last look around, and everything looks complete. Part of me resists leaving and letting go, and a bigger part of me knows that I can re-create this week at the cabin again, at any time… wherever I am.


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