My week at the cabin… home sweet home

My time here (at least for this stay) is beginning to run short. Today I want to hang around the cabin and be a homebody. I start with a cup of tea, and curl up in bed with some comfy pillows, a cozy quilt, and a novel. I recently started reading for pleasure, something I haven’t done consistently since childhood. I’ve said for years that I don’t have time to read, and now I have discovered that it’s a habit, like any habit, that can be nurtured by devoting time and attention to it.

P1000298My daughter introduced me to the Big Stone Gap books because she herself just started reading them on a regular basis, and she thought I would enjoy the author’s references to Chinese face reading. I have found myself captivated by the quirky characters in this small community in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Themes of mothering, marriage, family, and friends are especially appropriate for this earthy day.

After breakfast I give the cutting boards some TLC, and watch them instantly soak the oil into their parched wood grain. I’m doing the laundry and some light cleaning too, arranging for everything to be welcoming and comfortable for the next visitors. I make a list of food and supplies needed to fill the cupboards… Mother Hubbard doesn’t live here!

I browse through three paleo cookbooks a friend loaned me, and it’s encouraging to see the variety of appetizing recipes featured in them. Next month I am going to make some changes in my eating patterns, and these books are providing some tasty food for thought. For tonight, I bake gluten-free cheesy biscuits and curry cauliflower, using up the last of the fresh organic veggies I brought from home. Yummy!

While I’m on the subject of food, I look at take-out sushi options for the evening of my birthday celebration next week. I will be gathering with four long-time friends for dinner, dessert, drumming, and dreaming, and want to do some advance groundwork and be prepared so that we can relish that evening together.

It’s time for bed, and I feel contented, secure, and supported in this little cabin in the woods.


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