My week at home… in living color and lightning speed

I’ve been home from the cabin for a week now. On Wednesday, I officially turned 60 in earth years. It feels like those 60 years have flown in a flash, and the last several months have streaked across my life like a speeding bullet.

I recently learned, by watching just the first few minutes of a talk by astrologer A.T. Mann, that there is reason to feel that time is whizzing by.* According to his calculations, our sun moves one million miles a day (approximately 65,000 miles per hour, or 365 million miles per year), within a galaxy that spins in a spiraling pattern, and then that whole spiral itself moves thru space as well. No wonder we often feel like our world is moving too quickly.

P1000345That’s why it’s so imperative to take any opportunity we can to breathe and be present in the moment. This morning, I reflect for a few minutes before beginning my day, focusing on the flowers that I received this week for my birthday. I was given a big bunch of amazing purple orchids, a graceful orchid plant (the third one that’s come into our home in the last month!), and a gorgeous bouquet of opulent roses and Asiatic lilies sent by my husband.

I remember a time when orchids were considered a rare, exotic flower available only to the serious collector with the knowledge, funds, patience, and greenhouse necessary to pamper their delicate nature. Now you can step into any supermarket or farmers’ market and purchase one for just a few dollars… and you will be able to enjoy its blooms for several weeks with very little care. It reminds me of how expanded our world has become in my lifetime.

When I was growing up, bed sheets and men’s shirts were white. You never paired a print blouse with a checkered skirt. White shoes were only worn in the summer time… never after Labor Day. Black was the color for funerals, and weddings called for pastel hues. Nail polish was pink and lipstick was red. Flower bouquets consisted of pink and white carnations. Cars were black or dark gray. Houses were tan. TV was black and white. Food was the color Mother Nature gave it. How things have changed!

Today men wear pink shirts, and I wear blue nail polish.** Bridesmaid’s dresses are bright red. We eat purple cauliflower and yellow watermelon. Unless you’re subject to the rules of an HOA, you can paint your house turquoise with fuchsia polka dots if you so desire. Thanks to technology, transportation, innovation, and expansive minds, we have infinite options limited only by our own creativity and beliefs. I love having so many choices… and I also love letting all that go and just being here now.

* thanks to Veronica at Mantra salon in Carmel for sharing this link with me:

** thanks to Michelle, also at Mantra


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