Life is like… having a map of your life

During meditation, you are led to your life’s Guide, a wise woman who helps direct you on your way. She shows you the map of where you have come: the ups and downs, twists and turns, circles, detours, backward steps, forward leaps, and varied paces.

There’s a big red star marked YOU ARE HERE, and a vast open plain beyond that. Further out are your goals, desires, and dreams for the future. This is your journey, your experience, your opportunity to choose what comes between. Some possible routes are apparent – trails already visible to the conscious mind – places where others may have moved before you.

Suddenly you’re aware that you want to skip over those obvious trails in favor of a straighter, more direct path. What if you want to fly? Could you create a zip line from where you are now, right to where you want to be? Soar high above the bumps, rocks, and obstacles in your way? Avoid the distractions and disturbances of staying low to the ground? Gain a higher perspective, a birds-eye view, a big picture posture? Maybe you don’t need to take the long way around anymore.

Perhaps less time in the doing, getting-there phase and more time in the being, enjoying-there phase is in order. Cut to the chase, cut out the crap, revel in what’s relevant, and relax in the reward.

Ahh… that sounds good; it feels right!

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