Five Elements IllusFive Elements

Powerful forces, rhythms, and cycles are evident in nature all around us. Over 3,000 years ago, Chinese scholars began to study, observe, and research these influences. What is now commonly known as the five elements system recognizes that the same patterns that affect seasons, time of day, stages of life, etc., also impart specific tendencies in our individual personalities, attitudes, health, and life choices.

The foundations of this ancient wisdom led to the development of acupuncture, feng shui, and qigong, and the recognition of yin and yang qualities. Treasures of Your Soul utilizes this same knowledge of patterns and order in the universe through face reading and Nine Star Ki, to help clients discover and understand how and why these five elements impact them.

Each of us has a bit of all of the elements in our beings, but it is common for certain influences to be stronger than others. Helping people to learn about their own natural inclinations – and how to keep them in healthy balance – is a cornerstone of Kay’s work. It is a fascinating and complex body of knowledge that can help to illuminate your purpose and plan.

Below is a brief introduction to the nature of each of the five elements:

Water is about being. It is likened to winter, night, and the time before birth. Qualities include freedom, creativity, determination, deep emotions, dreaminess, spiritual wisdom.

Wood is about doing. It is likened to spring, morning, and childhood. Qualities include growth, organization, confidence, activity, focus, optimism.

Fire is about energy. It is likened to summer, peak of day, and prime of life. Qualities include enthusiasm, warmth, fun, variety, passion, heart.

Earth is about nurturing. It is likened to early autumn, afternoon, and middle age. Qualities include caring, service, being grounded, focus on family/friends/home, resourceful, archetype of mother.

Metal is about refining. It is likened to late autumn, evening, and old age. Qualities include being sensitive, aware, perfectionistic, gracious, idealistic, visionary.

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