Becoming the stream of freedom

P1010021It’s been many months since I recorded my adventures of a week alone at the cabin. I’m not sure where the time has gone, or why I haven’t taken the time to write down my reflections in recent months. God knows that I have lots of thoughts, ruminations, and illuminations on a daily basis. There’s something about being back in the energy of several solo days in the mountains to get my creative juices flowing again.

While I haven’t put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for a while, what I have done is free myself of many of the “duties” that I was formerly immersed in, so that I could experience more of the feelings that I desire: being able to do what I want when I want. This week, as I walked and paddled along the lake shore, wandered a path near a stream, or simply gazed at nature’s beauty, my affinity with freedom and flow was affirmed.

Sitting alongside the stream, near a small old concrete dam, I watched the water spill over the man-made walls meant to control or confine it. There was a deep channel built into the dam to direct the water through a restrictive space when possible. That probably worked as long as the stream stayed small. But as the water grew larger and more sure of itself, it made its own way and spread out in a broader path, easily flowing where it will.

I feel like that stream… like I’m finally able to float on my journey… and the amazing thing about that sense of freedom is that I recognize that I can change what I want to do at any time. As the spiritual guide Bashar says, I am learning to follow my highest excitement in each moment, allowing it to lead me to my next highest excitement.

During these last six days, if I wanted to eat I did. If I wanted to sew I did. If I wanted to watch a movie I did. If I wanted to surf the internet I did. If I wanted to read I did. If I wanted to go for a walk I did. If I wanted to sleep I did. If I wanted to clean the oven I did. If I wanted to paint I did. If I wanted to sit in the sun I did. Each day, and throughout the day, I thought of my options and chose the one that was most appealing in that moment. I became the stream, enjoying flowing where freedom leads me.

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