Another strangers’ wedding

It’s a new day, and now20151003_110526 the California Seascape bluffs are reminiscent of the coast of Scotland. Bagpipes and Scottish drums herald the beginning of another marriage. The weather this morning is cooperating with the charade. It feels like a foggy, remote, northern island coast. Despite a rockin’ blues band playing down on the beach for an event, my imagination conjurs up scenes of a windswept, rugged land halfway around the world.

Again, there is quiet while the couple speaks their words of love. This ceremony is taking much longer than yesterday’s, so I presume they are more traditional, more thoughtful, more expressive. Although the wedding party itself is hidden from view, masked by native coyote bush and a multitude of other shrubs, I can picture the scene. The barely visible top of a decorated arbor assures me that this special spot exists.

While I wait for the recessional music to begin, I gaze out to the ocean and see an array of dolphins jumping high up out of the water, doing what comes naturally. A large group of seabirds flock together floating on the water. The El Nino long predicted for this year has begun; warmer water is turning Monterey Bay into an appetizing destination for a host of sea creatures and their companions, as well as their predators. The unusually high abundance of wildlife (even for a marine sanctuary) has been calling much attention to itself, and the news reports and crowds of people lining the shore are evidence of our human affinity for these amazing beings.

Quite a while passes, and eventually it dawns on me that maybe there is no secret ceremony hidden behind the brush. The reception area remains empty. Perhaps musicians were practicing for an event later in the day. Maybe it was all an illusion. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, because I have been given another opportunity to experience the magic and promise of new beginnings… and that’s precisely why I came to this place.

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