Kay MagenheimKay Magenheim offers life coaching illuminated by ancient Chinese wisdom. Her passion is helping clients recognize and honor the innate natural patterns that are part of their individual beings so that they can co-create a deeper understanding of who they are, what will make them happy, and how they can maintain greater balance in all areas of their lives.

Metaphysics and spirituality have been an integral part of Kay’s life since childhood. She enjoys sharing and discussing philosophies and ideas, and loves seeing them validated in everyday life.

She also has a degree in Communications and has been co-owner of a successful California corporation.

A highlight of her journey has been participating in several in-depth programs with Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Deep Breath of Life. She is certified as a master life coach by the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. Kay has also studied the powerful ancient Chinese system of five elements, including face reading, 9 Star Ki, and energy clearing, with Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face and Your Hidden Symmetry.

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