Discover your unique energetic patterns
Life Coaching HelpHave you ever wondered why you have a big nose or ears that stick out?

Why is the girl next door so bright and bubbly?

Why does your nephew always seem to attract trouble?

The same ancient science that is the foundation for acupuncture, feng shui, and qigong offers answers to these questions.

Each of us is born with a plan – a treasure map – for our life. Chinese face reading can reveal your deepest motivations and longings through observing your jawline, a receding hairline, or the location of wrinkles or moles. When you recognize the meaning of the messages on your face, and also understand the energetic influences present at the time of your birth, you can appreciate that certain personality characteristics, habits, or
tendencies are part of your plan and purpose. You will see
yourself and others in a whole new light.

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